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Please be advised that a possible burglary or attempted burglary has recently been reported in your neighborhood. Although this is still under investigation, we wanted to advise you to take extra precautions such as those listed on the back of this publication. In addition we ask that you be vigilant during day and night time hours and report any suspicious activity you may witness. Thank you.

Lake Como Police Department


email: neighborhoodwatch@boro.lake-como.nj.us

web: www.lakecomopd.com

To report suspicious activity, please call:

(732)681-3081 or 911


Doors: Your doors should be equipped with a door viewer and deadbolt lock. Keep your doors locked.

Windows: All windows should be secure. Draw window shades or drapes after dark.

Trees and shrubbery: Keep trimmed. Criminals look for hiding places. Shrubbery in front of windows enables anyone to hide while looking inside.

Exterior lighting: All entrances and garages should be well-lit. Sensor lighting is a great deterrent to criminals.

Keys and locks: Change your locks when moving into a new residence/apartment. Remove house keys when a mechanic has your vehicle. Remember that whoever borrows a key from you have it duplicated. Do not leave a key under the doormat, flower pot, ect.

Answering the door: Remember that you do not have to answer the door. Should a stranger request to use your phone, do not allow the person to enter, and offer to make the call yourself.

Answering the phone: If a stranger calls, DO NOT give the person any information, especially your house number and whether you are home alone.

Going on vacation: Stop deliveries if they will collect outside. Remove valuables from view. Your residence should still look “lived in.” Tell a trusted neighbor who can also have a key, if needed. Use timers for lights and radio. Have a neighbor park a vehicle in the driveway while away.

Address numbers: All too often police officers, firefighters, ect. cannot find an address because of hidden or hard to see (blending into background color) letters or numbers. Addresses should be easily visible day or night.



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